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The strategic vision of the Company involves safety and sustainable development through innovation. Implementation of this vision implies a focus on the following strategic areas:

1.   Safe operation:


• introduction of modern safe technologies (including digitalization)

• systems for monitoring behavior and conditions

• HSE culture


2.  Production performance:


• growth of production in accordance with the strategy from the current 24-25mtpa to 28-30mtpa (including the development of new assets)

• innovative technologies and new solutions (degassing, quick longwall relocation, reduction of downtime and cycle time, etc.)

• annual generation of initiatives to improve productivity and reduce costs

• retention of cash cost in the 1st quartile of the global cost curve


3.  Effective sales:


• long-term relationships with premium clients

• quality and service

• expanding the brand portfolio to meet customer needs

• availability of sufficient washing and port capacity


4.  Environment Protection and Environmental Management:

• consistent progress within the framework of the global decarbonization agenda by implementing the “RASP 2030 Environmental Strategy"

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